Treatment for Hypertension : With Ayurveda


What causes Hypertension?

Hypertension is a chronic and often asymptomatic medical condition in which systemic arterial blood pressure is elevated beyond normal. As such, the heart is forced to work harder to overcome the in- creased systemic pressure in order to deliver blood to tissues, which puts strain on the heart and arteries. Over a period of time, the additional strain leads to cardio- vascular dysfunction.

Though a lot of potent anti-hypertensive drugs are available today but none of them is free from untoward effects. Especially the elderly population poorly tolerates these drugs. Beta blockers often cause fatigue, cold extremities, bradycardia (low heart rate) and heart-failure. Similarly, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors may cause cough, rash etc.  (Source:

What this program aims to achieve:

Hypertension treatment packages use yoga, ayurveda and naturopathy therapies to pacify Mana Bhavas (Emotions) like Chinta (Worry), Krodha (anger) and Bhaya (Fear). Meditation, Kirtans, Nature walks are other ways to connect with your soul and nature helping in regaining balance in your body. As part of these Hypertension treatment programs, you will also learn yoga asanas and Ayurveda cooking techniques to manage hypertension in the long-term.

Given below is an overview of a typical Hypertension Management Program at a Wellness Retreat.


Nidana parivarjana (avoidance of aetiological factors) - According to Ayurveda, avoidance of the causative factor is the first line of treatment for all diseases. Excess intakes of salt and fatty substance should be avoided and certain medicines such as NSAIDS, steroids, cough syrups etc. are also to be taken carefully.

In an Ayurveda Retreat, you will be provided with Satvik vegetarian meals to help you get maximum benefits from this program. The food is provided basis Ayurveda principles that helps you manage hypertension from within.


1. Breathing exercises - Hand stretch breathing, hand in and out breathing.

2. Asanas - Shavasana, Vajrasana, Bhujangasana, Vakrasana, Gomukhasana, Pavanmuktasana,Katichakrasana, Ardhakati chakrasana, Tadasana.

3. Pranayama - Chandra anulomaviloma, Nadisodhana, Ujjayi, Bhramari.


Group Meditation / Group Chanting - There is no better way to manage stress than meditation. Group Meditation / Chanting practiced at these Yoga Retreats help you explore your spiritual angle and develop holistic ways to manage stress induced Hypertension.

Ayurvedic methods:

Lekhana Vasti – A specific variety of medicated Enema helps lose weight and manage hypertension problems caused by overweight.

Virechana karma (Purgation) in which Eranda taila (Castor Oil) is taken with milk to cleanse the body of toxins.

Dhara - In this process, some herbal oils (Shirodhara), medicated milk, medicated butter milk (Takradhara) are poured on the forehead in a special manner for 45 minutes. This works best to for Insomnia, Mental Tension leading to drop in high Blood Pressure caused by stress.Best results if practiced 7-21 days.

NjavaraKizhi - Potlis (pouches) containing Njavara (a rice with healing properties) and types of oil are used to massage all over the body. Beneficial for high blood pressure, Cholesterol, reducing stress, and relieving rheumatism / arthritis / joint pain symptoms.

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